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ABIS Solutions Names Steve Bishop to Head Complī Program.

ABIS Solutions appointed Steve Bishop to oversee the entire Complī program. Bishop will manage day-to-day operations, growth and customer satisfaction, having come from a background in supply chain and vendor management. Prior to ABIS, Bishop spent three decades in telecom with a focus on procurement and corporate sourcing.

In 2001 he moved to Nokia’s procurement organization serving in various vendor engagement roles including international assignments. After working another supply chain (safety) assignment for a short-period, Bishop re-joined Nokia Networks in 2014, to focus on procurement in the telecom field services division. He led the effort to seek out partners to automate supplier engagement and create long-term value for Nokia and its supply chain.

“After witnessing the positive results and gains from using technology to automate processes, I’m proud to be a part of ABIS and what they’re doing for the industry. My goal is to further drive transformation of our supply chain industry through smarter and more affordable platforms like Complī to reinforce safety, and compliance while providing valuable supply chain intelligence,” Bishop said.

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