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Complī Aims to Make Onboarding Easy and Simpler.

Onboarding with the carriers, OEMs and public tower companies is critical for contractors to maintaining workflow in the comm-infra industry. But the process of ensuring a company is operating in compliance with guidelines set up by an employer can be expensive, complicated and lengthy.

ABIS Solutions was formed in 2016 with the aim of creating software that would allow contractors to interact smoothly with the carriers by Chet Taylor, president and founding member, who spent 28 years at AT&T managing in-building systems, and Brian Davidson, co-founder and principal, who spent 26 years on the vendor side.

ABIS Solutions’ initial product, ProSys VMS platform, a supply chain management product now used by Black & Veatch, Goodman Networks, Nokia and others, allows carriers and tower companies to keep track of the companies that offer them services. The company has also designed a fully integrated platform for monitoring passive optical networks, Wi-Fi, network devices, DAS, public safety networks and the internet of everything.

Earlier this year, ABIS launched Complī, which is an offshoot of the ProSys VMS. Compli is designed as an affordable, easy-to-use method for a contractor to get compliance verified with carriers, tower companies and manufacturers.

Compli was introduced into a market dominated by a single company, Avetta, a supply chain risk management that serves 450 clients, one of which is SBA Communications.

“We spent half a year listening to the vendors, the carriers and telecom contractors and learning about their problems and needs around compliance,” said Davidson. “We built a more cost-effective solution for the vendors with significantly more visibility into the clients using the platform.

Compli is geared toward use by the tier-one and tier-two carriers, original equipment manufacturers and large prime contractors, which have more than 100 subcontractors.

“As well as certifying a company, Compli verifies the certifications of the workers at that company,” Davidson said. “This is big area. There is fraud. People fabricating climbing certifications and safety certifications. We are trying to combat that as much as possible using technology.”

Along those lines, earlier this year, ABIS designed a system for NATE: The Communications Infrastructure Contracting Association, known as NATE ProSys CertTrac, as a member benefit for tracking and ensuring the renewals of crew members’ certifications. It now tracks 10,000 technicians.

According to a NATE survey, the time it takes to complete the onboarding process varies from 6 to 10 hours (18.4 percent) to more than 20 to 40 hours (28.43 percent) up to a period of more than 40 hours (22.06 percent). Most renewals take 6 to 10 hours (30.54 percent).

ABIS took several steps to reduce the time to complete an onboarding process. For example, the ABIS platform will sync with other platforms, such as the NATE ProSys CertTrac, allowing previously inputted data to populate the Compli platform. Coming soon, Compli will integrate with the certification database of Safety LMS, which certifies 5,000 techs annually, for instant verification.

Additionally, ABIS created multiple processes that cater to facilitate the onboarding process for companies. For example, depending on the risk profile, a staffing company might have as few as 20 questions, while a line and antenna construction company might have 50 questions.

“Another big deal is we built out a default profile that contains 80 percent to 90 percent of all the items that a vendor would input,” Davidson said. “In other words, when a contractor gets a new client, such as a carrier or OEM, it doesn’t have to start from the beginning and reinput its information.”

After a form is submitted, ABIS then goes to work confirming all the inputed data. Customer support is provided if any issues arise.

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