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Monitoring Platform TM

World-class suite of monitoring
solutions designed to provide
real-time network intelligence.
Whether it’s IoT, In-Building
or Macro Networks, LOGiC provides predictive modeling and reporting
to ensure network device reliability
and longevity.

Complī EH&S Verification TM

A smarter approach to employee
health and safety, insurance
verification and technician
certification. Complī was built with
the vendor in mind with unique
features and benefits to help
promote industrywide standards
and compliance.

ProSys VMS Platform TM

Best-in-class vendor management
solution providing clients a
quick and efficient tool to manage
all aspects of their supply
chain. Turnkey vendor
onboarding, qualification,
annual re-certification and

Professional Services

Staffing solutions catered to meet
project specific needs. With a
focus on telecom and IT, we pride
ourselves in our ability to quickly
consult with clients and provide
both short and long-term staff

Field Services

With decades of in-building experience,
our team has developed unique RF benchmarking software tools to significantly reduce processing and reporting time. Learn more about our survey, engineering and reporting capabilities.

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