LOGiC is a world-class monitoring solution designed for the Internet of Everything. An agnostic fully integrated monitoring platform. PON, WiFi, Network Devices, Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS), Public Safety Networks, Critical Communications Networks... plus much more.

Self Healing

Our customized monitoring policies perform actions covertly minimizing the need for human interaction resolve common problems. Machine learning the platform continues to get smarter and becomes an extremely valuable knowledge-base.

Custom Thresholds

The monitoring system will send alerts once the system thresholds reach alarm status. Thresholds allow us to define healthy ranges and precursors allow you to define additional ranges that make you aware of degradation – catching anomalies before an outage.
Knowledge is power! 

Single Pane of Glass

Whether you have one site or multiple sites, one solution or twenty, LOGiC provides a single platform where all of your documentation, knowledge and data resides. Access LOGiC anytime from a web browser, simplifying troubleshooting and diagnosis.
Customized based on your KPIs.

Dashboard & Widget Examples