LOGiC is an agnostic fully-integrated monitoring platform that provides businesses with the information they need, before they need it so they can make the decisions that matter.


Identify Problems Early


Reduce Costs


Turn Data In To Decisions

A platform that is revolutionizing
the monitoring & maintenance world.

Get ahead of system outages before they cost you time, money, and credibility.

Focus on the customer and driving the bottom line instead of being on 24/7 watch.

Quit spending energy setting up and maintaining systems that simple don’t perform.

For years we’ve watched enterprises try and find a monitoring system that addresses network needs core to their business. For too long companies have been tied to manufacturer limitations, system outages caused by late notifications, and costly resources spent on triage.

LOGiC is a reliable, 24/7 monitoring system that self heals and self learns, giving you access and insight into your own technology before it’s too late.

Let LOGiC do the heavy lifting

We’ve built LOGiC to use technology as it was intended: to reduce cost, reduce labor,
and provide you the right information at the right time.

Proactive Issue Identification

Custom thresholds allow you to define healthy ranges and alert you when they reach alarm status, catching anomalies before an outage.

Self Healing

Designed to identify and learn through data, resolutions and history giving it the power to think-learn-act with little to no human interaction.

Single Pane of Glass

Whether you have one site or multiple, one solution or many, LOGiC provides a single platform where all of your documentation, knowledge, and data resides.


Intuitive platform that’s simple to install, manage and maintain. Be up and running in minutes.

Actionable Data

Reports customized by end user, providing timely and useful information.

Here’s how you can get best-in-class monitoring

Schedule a Demo

See how LOGiC works and how it can address your individual business needs.

Sign Up and Install

Once you purchase LOGiC, the installation is simple; you can be up and running within minutes.

Feel Confident 24/7

See the immediate benefits of reliable system monitoring that self-heals and notifies you of issues before it’s too late.



● Infrastructure - the core of your network
● Internet of Things (IoT) all communications between machines
● Internet of Everything (IoE) communication between people, process, data and things


● Effortless deployment, setup and use
● Customizable
● Proactive intelligence and remediation
● Managed inventory, ticketing, notifications and reporting


● Scalable as you grow
● Backup and failover
● Strong security
● Secure remote access
● Historical data learning
● All encompassing (one platform)
● Maintenance and upgrades included


● Education
● Energy and Gas
● Financial and Insurance
● Government
● Healthcare / Pharma
● Hospitality / Mixed use
● Manufacturing
● Nonprofit
● Public
● Technology
● Telecom

Built to Address Every Need

Let LOGiC replace the need for constant watch and wasted resources so you can focus on
your customers and moving your business forward.

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