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NATE Launches Certification Tracking System.

The National Association of Tower Erectors (NATE) unveiled a new system offering certification tracking for the association’s member companies.The ABIS Solutions tracking site is designed to help members manage their certifications to ensure they’re renewed, used, and provided to potential employers in an efficient and pain-free manner. ABIS Solutions is removing the burden of manually managing employee’s upcoming certification renewal or missing certifications by tracking and alerting utilizing companies when deadlines or missing certifications are detected.

ABIS will also allow users to export their employee’s certifications to potential customers. Its functionality includes the ability to sort by both crew members and certification type, making it easy to manage individual jobs and individual customer expectations.

“NATE is pleased to officially launch the ABIS Solutions certification tracking site,” stated Member Services Committee Chairwoman Jordyn Ladner from Gulfport, Mississippi. “Over the last several years, the association has attentively explored options that would offer NATE members additional tangible benefits. The ABIS Solutions certification tracking site offers the tools for companies to track their employees’ various certifications. I encourage all NATE member companies to visit the portal on NATE’s website today to start the process of certification tracking for their respective companies,” added Ladner.

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