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ProSys VMS In Real Life – Telecom Client Experiences.

ABIS Solutions, a certified service-disabled veteran-owned small business (SDVOSB), was organized and launched in 2016 to offer services for growth-oriented companies in the wireless space. ABIS offers supply chain technology solutions geared towards reducing risk, improving quality, increasing productivity, and maximizing margins.

ABIS has a suite of services – the ProSys platform – that aims to solve complex business problems with technology for any size organization. The first commercial product in the suite, ProSys VMS, was developed exclusively for the telecom and utility industries to automate and reduce the risk and cost associated with supplier onboarding and qualification.

“With the rapid expansion of in-building and small cell deployments for 5G, our team recognized a gap in efficient and effective data collection,” said Brian Davidson, Co-Founder at ABIS. “We developed ProSys to automate many of the traditional ‘paper processes’ with a focus on compliance (EH&S), technician skills, and overall crew capacity.”

Since the launch of the platform, ABIS has worked with many clients to implement ProSys VMS. Today, many industry-leading firms utilize the tool to expedite and automate vendor onboarding and develop usable supply chain intelligence. Below, Steve Bishop, Deploy Services Category Manager, N. America for Nokia, and Bernard Borghei, Co-Founder of Vertical Bridge, outline their experience with ABIS and the ProSys platform.

ProSys and Nokia

Account by Steve Bishop, Deploy Services Category Manager, N. America

Nokia and ABIS began working together in 2017. According to Bishop, there were too many tactical steps that were adding to Nokia’s onboarding timeline. In addition, the Nokia team was overburdened with evaluating vendors, and Bishop was looking for a way to streamline these processes.

“ABIS explained how their ProSys solutions could address the challenges we were facing and how it could potentially benefit Nokia,” said Steve Bishop, Deploy Services Category Manager, N. America. “We began by automating our existing processes, which helped us find ways to eliminate waste caused by the manual exchange of documents, delays in finding information, and searching for past approvals.”

The ProSys platform also enabled Nokia to bring greater visibility to the data and approvals process for better tracking, audit, and compliance. ABIS worked with Bishop and his team to customize the ProSys platform, adapting it to align with Nokia’s Health and Safety review requirements. To accomplish one of Bishop’s initial objectives regarding streamlining tactical steps and enacting efficient onboarding, ProSys allowed easy access to all necessary documents and data “right at our fingertips, in seconds, even in the field,” said Bishop.

“As Nokia continues to grow, we believe that ABIS’s tools hold many new benefits yet to be realized across our vast supply chain. Our imagination only limits the possibilities,” added Bishop.

ProSys and Vertical Bridge

Account by Bernard Borghei, Co-Founder of Vertical Bridge

“I’ve known Brian Davidson for at least 20 years, and I’m happy to say Vertical Bridge was one of the first telecoms to implement the ProSys VMS platform,” said Borghei. “We wanted to come up with a more efficient way to manage our vendor approval processes, collect certifications, crew counts, skillsets, and more to facilitate the project bidding process efficiently.”

One primary concern for Vertical Bridge, along with many other companies in the telecom space, is ensuring vendors are compliant. As members of NATE, safety is of the utmost importance to Borghei and his organization. With ProSys, Vertical Bridge was able to deploy the platform across several teams and customize features to fit the company’s processes, while ensuring safety standards among vendors.

“Although ProSys is a robust system out of the box, Brian and his team worked with us to thoroughly understand our needs and customize the platform,” added Borghei. “To date, we’ve approved over 300 vendors via the ProSys platform and feel good about being able to track safety, requirements, and certifications, in real-time, via this useful tool.”

ProSys VMS Features

“We’re honored to work with so many important players in the telecom industry and humbled that they trust our software to solve unique challenges within each organization,” said Davidson. “ABIS is committed to promoting safety in telecom, and with ProSys, we enable our clients to collect, review, and store compliance documents to meet industry, Federal, state, and local regulatory requirements.”

Along with being a customizable vendor management system, ProSys’ web-based, self-service portal automates, and keeps track of various imperative supply chain management tasks, including:

  • Vendor registration/pre-qualification
  • Vendor due diligence
  • Diversity and class tracking
  • Vendor services, skill sets, and markets served
  • Crew details, capacity, geography, self-perform vs. sub
  • Insurance policy tracking and guidance
  • EH&S risk management and tracking
  • Technician safety certification tracking
  • Financial data capture and review

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