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    Product Features

    Vendor Registration

    Rapid collection of vendor data in self service web portal

    Vendor Risk Monitoring

    Reduce risk by preventing certifications and agreements from expiring

    Vendor Qualification

    Custom due diligence workflows

    Diversity Management

    Search your database for diverse vendors and record Tier-1 and Tier-2 spending.

    Vendor On-Boarding

    Automated on-boarding and system integration

    Crew Capacity

    Run reports to determine where your vendors have
    available crew capacity

    A Modular Platform

    Business is changing more rapidly today than ever before. The ProSys platform offers additional modules you can incorporate at any time. These include:
    • Configure RFPs and capture pricing fast
    • Increase responses into centralized database
    • Improve internal and external collaboration

    Simplifying the Proposal Process Through Automation

    Contract Lifecycle Management Connect all of your processes and documents in one secure database. Leverage automated reminder platform for renewals

    • Automate the entire contract process
    • Rapid implementation and high adoption rate
    • Central repository for all contracts and agreements

    ProSys Scorecards allows you to measure, monitor and optimize vendor performance.

    • Create custom scorecards and evaluation metrics
    • Capture quantitative and qualitative performance data
    • Automate report engine with API connection option

    Automated NOC / FSD Field Application Eliminate vendor risk, reduce cost and expedite field work.

    • Vendors compliance is verified in real-time
    • Log vendor access and issues in centralized database
    • Automate report engine with API connection option