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Solving Supply Chain Risk and Safety Challenges with Technology.

ABIS Solutions, a certified service-disabled veteran-owned small business (SDVOSB), was organized and launched in 2015 to offer services for growth-oriented companies in the wireless space. ABIS aims to solve complex business problems with technology, providing vendor supply chain management plus risk and safety automation for any size organization.

According to Eric Rozencwaig, Co-Founder & Principal, “ABIS Solutions works with clients to help them make better decisions by deploying technology solutions. We’re focused on reducing risk, improving quality and productivity while maximizing margins for our customers.”

When ABIS launched the ProSys platform, the sole focus was to provide a suite of desktop and mobile field apps to automate many of the traditional processes that pose challenges for many companies. The first commercial product in the suite, ProSys VMS, was developed exclusively for the telecom and utility industries to automate and reduce the risk and cost associated with supplier onboarding and qualification. The ProSys VMS platform handles today’s needs for workflow automation and is built upon scalable architecture to enable rapid enhancements as the industry and supplier models evolve.

As the telecommunications world builds out next-generation networks, the deployment of small cells and other in-building solutions require an increased demand for permits, data collection, quality control, closeout report creation, and countless logistics for telecoms and utilities to juggle. It’s more important than ever to have a reliable and compliant source of vendors to query and source services.

“To pinpoint one supply chain challenge is impossible; each company faces unique pain points while trying to build and maintain a process,” said Rozencwaig. “ProSys VMS enables clients to expedite the time from vendor registration to ‘purchase order ready’ and everything in-between.”

Not only does ProSys VMS reduce the time to onboard a new vendor plus collect, review, and store compliance documentation, it also reduces risk. By utilizing industry, Federal, state, and local regulatory requirements, ProSys can verify both company and employee compliance. Some essential supply chain management tasks ProSys VMS handles include:

  • Vendor registration / pre-qualification
  • Vendor due diligence
  • Diversity and class tracking
  • Vendor services, skill sets, and markets served
  • Crew details, capacity, geography, self-perform vs. sub
  • Insurance policy tracking and guidance
  • EH&S risk management and tracking
  • Technician safety certification tracking
  • Financial data capture and review

Currently, there’s little to no standardization within the industry regarding compliance – and important information is often housed in Excel files or stored in filing cabinets. Rozencwaig noted that “The non-web-based ‘organization’ of compliance documentation creates a tremendous amount of unnecessary work and cost, plus increased risk.”

According to Rozencwaig, the speed to market with ProSys VMS is unmatched. “Our ProSys rapid deployment model allows carriers, OEMs and prime contractors to quickly assess supply chain compliance. ProSys was designed to look at a company, but also look at the technicians’ certifications within a company.”

ProSys VMS offers the following unique supply chain management plus risk and safety automation features:

  • Web-based, self-service portal for vendors to provide all required data and documents
  • Custom workflows to manage the due diligence process to rapidly onboard vendors
  • Safety and risk ratings (i.e., notes, journals, doc repository)
  • The storage of all compliance and safety documents in one place, allowing for easy access
  • Conducting all vendor communication via one system (i.e., quality or safety flash bulletins)
  • Automated alerts and reminders to ensure responsible parties’ complete tasks
  • No limits to scalability or on the number of users, vendors, or storage
  • Real business intelligence for supply chain professionals

“ProSys VMS is an easy-to-use, and easy-to-implement SaaS solution. Never miss another task and always stay compliant,” added Rozencwaig.

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